POLITICO is the most influential publication among opinion leaders in the European Union. The European edition of POLITICO ranks above media outlets such as Financial Times, BBC, The Times or social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. The publication is the most influential provider of information for decision-making processes and public affairs.

POLITICO EU INFLUENCE is a weekly newsletter on campaigning, lobbying and political influence in the EU whose anchor is Ms. Lili Bayer. She was previously a correspondent in Budapest, where she covered Hungarian politics and Central Europe’s relationship with Brussels. Lili earned a master’s degree in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Oxford and a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service. She grew up in Israel and the United States.

The newsletter covers the following sections

  1. Quick Fixes
  2. Lobbying the EU
  3. EU Transparency
  4. Around Europe
  5. Global Glance
  6. Influencers
  7. Moves

AALEP is particularly following the Influencers section as it relates primarily to the following entities (professional consultancies, law firms, self-employed consultants, in-house lobbyists, trade/business professopnal associations, NGOs, think tanks, research and academic institutions ) tracking new staff, promotions, those who have voluntary left and others who have retired. AALEP’s tracking of Influencers excludes changes that have taken place within the EU institutions.    

AALEP posts on its website ‘Tracking Influencers for each month’ citing Politico Europe as its source. But unlike Politico, the presentation of Influencers is done by entities ranked in alphabetical order. In this way it is easy for the user to see what has happened in terms of personnel change with the entity he/she is interested in.   


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