Membership Benefits

Membership in AALEP provides an extensive selection of benefits:

  • The AALEP Designation is a prestigious credential that signifies professional achievement in advocacy and/or lobbying
  • Exclusive Access to a forum of advocacy/lobbying leaders means belonging to a unique professional culture grounded in the shared values of integrity, competence, trust and selflessness
  • Meetings and Programmes deliver intellectually stimulating education that is timely and thought provoking. To leverage the intimate size of the group, these meetings also provide ample opportunities for targeted education through special interest discussion groups and roundtable sessions. AALEP members expect insightful information and engaging dialogue
  • Member to Member Contacts - whether a sole practitioner or an employee of a large organization, to an enthusiastic and talented team of like-minded professionals, relationships developed through AALEP result in collaborative business efforts and long-term business relationships
  • Candid, Confidential and Open Communication ensures that all members contribute to and benefit from the wealth of professional knowledge shared among the membership. AALEP is driven by volunteer participation through a number of communications channels- from formal speaking, writing and leadership opportunities to informal discussions and dialogue on local, regional, national, European and international scales
  • The AALEP Membership Directory provides effective and efficient access to membership expertise. The Directory is used to enhance communications between AALEP members to AALEP members communication
  • The AALEP Web Site showcases the expertise of the membership by highlighting and summarizing advocacy/lobbying assignments and current member news. In addition, the site serves as an information source about the advocacy/lobbying profession and the AALEP organization itself
  • Awards Programs recognize achievement of professional endeavours, as well as service to the AALEP organization
  • Special Events, Tours and Spouse Programmes celebrate AALEP collegiality and provide entrée to intriguing venues and experiences in national programme host cities.