Lobby Dictionary

Second Edition

Publication: 2011.29.10

Publisher: AALEP-APD (Publishing Division of the Association of Accredited Lobbyists to the European Union)

Author: Christian D. de Fouloy, French-American Veteran International Lobbyist

ISBN: 978-2-930313-02-3

438 Pages- Hard Cover- 1,100 Entries


About The Fouloy's Explanatory Lobbying Dictionary

The Fouloy's Explanatory Lobbying Dictionary is a single, one-stop resource not available anywhere on the subject. It contains 1,100 entries providing up-to-date meanings and clear and concise defintions of how lobbying and advocacy works, drawing on such related disciplines as law, public policy, public affairs, communications, public relations, political science, journalism.

The Fouloy's Explanatory Lobbying Dictionary provides full explanations of the meaning and usage of advocacy and lobbying terms, chosen for their importance and complexity. This requires a full description of the underlying concepts, processes and a concise treatment of the techniques used going beyond a normal dictionary. Often linguistic barriers lead to problems in obtaining a common understanding of the advocacy and lobbying terminology at the international level. Among the groups that will find this dictionary helpful are: Professional lobbyists, Beginning Lobbyists and Students, Government Affairs Managers, Association Executives, Consumers of Lobbying Services, Public Interest Activists, Corporate Executives, Academics, Lawmakers and Legislative Staff, National Organizations.

Every library, every trade association, every practitioner really should have a copy of it on hand. Additionally, this Dictionary will be good to have on the occasion of seminars, workshops, training sessions and the like. This Dictionary is intended to be a portable, useful study aid and students in lobbying and public affairs will find most of the terminology that they come across in their assignments.

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