The nations of Europe stand at a historical crossroads. The European Union-originally a dream project based on the desire for reconciliation after the devastation of two world wars and decades of division- has turned against Europeans and now pursues interests contrary to the will of the nations, regions and small communities that make up our European home. Institutions largely unknown and distant to European citizens- along with powerful globalist forces, unelected bureaucrats, lobbyists and interest groups that despise the majority vote and democracy based on the will of the people- plan to replace nations. What? by the European central state. Euro elections with generational and existential significance. The elections to the new European Parliament in June therefore had generational and existential significance. The dividing line of politics today is no longer between conservatives and liberals or between right and left, but between centrists who proclaim a new Europe and patriots and sovereignists who fight to preserve and strengthen the Europe of the people we value. Only through the victory and cooperation of patriotic and sovereignist parties across the continent can we secure a legacy for our children.

We believe in Europe

  • of strong, proud and independent peoples who are free to resolve to live and cooperate with each other in harmony;
  • united through institutions with legitimacy rooted in the peoples, entrusted and accountable to the peoples of Europe;
  • sovereign and steadfast in the pursuit of its interests, freed from the dependencies which hinder the fulfillment of the will of its national communities at home and abroad;
  • committed to peace and dialogue, while ready to defend itself against any threat;
  • which protects and celebrates its European identity, traditions and customs;
  • the fruits of their Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian heritage;
  • which values the inherent diversity among its peoples, their histories and ways of life, while resisting ultimatums to change according to fashion trends;
  • which defends real freedoms, basic human rights and human dignity, while fiercely resisting attempts to curtail or redefine these freedoms;
  • competitive, productive, efficient and proud of its intellectual, scientific and economic achievements as a continent of innovation, excellence and progress;
  • ready to protect its borders, stop illegal migration and preserve its cultural identity, according to the will of the vast majority of European citizens;
  • of nations ready to protect their citizens against any and all potential threats emanating from the political, economic, religious and cultural spheres;
  • which respects its own mandate and rules, does not exceed its competences, respects the principle of subsidiarity and proportionality, and stops justifying its attacks on national sovereignty by applying pressure through the European budget;
  • nations that reject further transfers of national sovereignty to European institutions;
  • which respects the right of veto of nations which recognizes diplomacy as an essential element of the sovereignty of member states and as a matter for each nation to decide freely without binding others to the same course of action.

We, the patriotic forces of Europe, pledge to return the future of our continent to the European people by taking back our institutions and redirecting European politics to serve the nations and our people. Preferring sovereignty over federalism, freedom over orders, peace over war: this is the Patriot Manifesto for Europe.

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