A Lobbying Certificate Programme that makes sense

While there is no formal training to become a lobbyist, AALEP offers a Lobbying Certificate Programme that delivers a body of knowledge and skills, lobbyists need to work more effectively in the European policy-making arena.

The Lobbying Certificate Programme is designed for Professionals who are currently working or planning to work in the European Commission, in a staff position at the European Parliament or in the Council, as Assistant MEP, with an interest group, an NGO, law firm or news organization or others whose business or organization is affected by EU legislative or regulatory activities. 

The programme provides individuals with the background and skills to become more effective in a wide range of interactions with the EU institutions, as well as enabling individuals to better understand developments and actions taken in the European legislative arena. It is especially useful for anyone whose current or future responsibilities involve in participating in any stage of the EU decision-making process, tracking legislation for a business or interest group, devising a lobbying strategy, launching a lobbying campaign and much more. Participants in the Lobbying Certificate Programme will have the opportunity to hear views from and exchange thoughts with academic experts, as well as practitioners who have direct experience in various aspects of the Brussels decision-making process.

To find out more about the Lobbying Certificate Programme please click on the Education tab.


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