The diplomatic missions in Taiwan include embassies; trade and cultural missions representative offices. Due to the special political status and One-China policy, Taiwan, is only recognized by 14 countries and Somaliland; all of them have an embassy in Taipei. In addition, approximately 60 countries, which do not have diplomatic relations with the Republic of China, have established trade offices and other unofficial offices in Taiwan, which have a wide array of titles. However, due to opposition from People’s Republic of China, the unofficial representative offices' titles do not have the word "Taiwan", except for unofficial representative offices from Oman, Japan, and the United States.


  1. Belize
  2. Eswatini
  3. Guatemala
  4. Haiti
  5. Honduras
  6. Holy See
  7. Marshall Islands
  8. Nauru
  9. Palau
  10. Paraguay
  11. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  12. Saint Lucia
  13. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  14. Tuvalu

Representative and Trade Offices


  1. Argentina (Argentina Trade and Cultural Office)
  2. Australia (Australian Office Taipei)
  3. Austria (Austrian Office Taipei) and Austrian Commercial Office)
  4. Belgium (Belgian Office, Taipei)
  5. Brazil (Commercial Office of Brazil to Taipei)
  6. Brunei (Brunei Darussalam Trade and Tourism Office)
  7. Canada (Canadian Trade Office in Taipei)
  8. Chile (Chilean Trade Office)
  9. Czech Republic (Czech Economic and Cultural Office)
  10. Denmark (Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei)
  11. European Union (European Economic and Trade Office)
  12. Finland (Finland Trade Center)
  13. France (French Office in Taipei)
  14. Germany (German Institute Taipei) and (German Trade Office Taipei)
  15. Hong Kong (S.A.R. of PRC) (Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office)
  16. Hungary (Hungarian Trade Office, Taipei)
  17. India (India-Taipei Association)
  18. Indonesia (Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei)
  19. Israel (Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei)
  20. Italy (Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office)
  21. Japan (Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Taipei Office
  22. Jordan (The Jordanian Commercial Office)
  23. Lithuania (Lithuania Representative Office) to open in September 2022
  24. Luxembourg (Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office, Taipei)
  25. Macau (S.A.R. of PRC) (Macau Economic and Cultural Office)
  26. Malaysia (Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei)
  27. Mexico (Mexican Trade Services Documentation and Cultural Office)
  28. Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar Trade and Economic Representative Office)
  29. Myanmar (Myanmar Trade Office)
  30. Netherlands (Netherlands Office Taipei)
  31. New Zealand (New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office)
  32. Nigeria (Nigeria Trade Office)
  33. Oman (Commercial Office of the Sultanate of Oman-Taiwan)
  34. Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea Trade Office in Taiwan)
  35. Peru (Commercial Office of Peru in Taipei)
  36. Philippines (Manila Economic and Cultural Office)
  37. Poland (Polish Office in Taipei)
  38. Russia (Representative Office in Taipei for the Moscow-Taipei Coordination Commission on Economic and Cultural Cooperation)
  39. Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabian Trade Office in Taipei)
  40. Singapore (Singapore Trade Office in Taipei)
  41. Slovakia (Slovak Economic and Cultural Office, Taipei)
  42. Somaliland (Republic of Somaliland Representative Office in Taiwan)
  43. South Africa (Liaison Office of the Republic of South Africa)
  44. South Korea (Korean Mission in Taipei)
  45. Spain (Spanish Chamber of Commerce)
  46. Sweden (Swedish Trade and Invest Council)
  47. Switzerland (Trade Office of Swiss Industries)
  48. Thailand (Thailand Trade and Economic Office)
  49. Turkey (Turkish Trade Office in Taipei)
  50. United Kingdom (British Office Taipei)
  51. United States (American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei Office)
  52. Vietnam (Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei)



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