1. Austria: More influence: Foreign policy, defense, enlargement ,institutional and constitutional affairs, agri-food, environment, transportation and energy. Less influence: Health, digital, internal market, competition and taxation, social policy,  migration.
  2. Belgium: More influence: Budget, foreign policy, trade , EU institutional and constitutional affairs. Less influence: agri-food, environment, energy and digital .
  3. Bulgaria: More influence: Migration and  home affairs, transportation, energy,  budget. Less influence: Environment, internal market and trade. 
  4. Croatia: More influence: Health, foreign policy, defense and enlargement. Less influence: Energy, transportation, migration, home affairs, employment, social policy, trade.
  5. Cyprus: More influence:  Foreign policy, defense, enlargement, health, employment and social policy
  6. Czech Republic: More influence: Internal market, budget, finance, trade, information and communication. Less influence: EU institutional and constitutional affairs, foreign policy, defense and enlargement, migration and home affairs.  
  7. Denmark: More influence: Energy, transportation, environment, internal market and finance . Less influence: Foreign policy, defense, enlargement, trade and EU institutional and constitutional affairs.
  8. Estonia: More influence: Foreign affairs, defense, enlargement, trade, digital policy,  migration and home affairs. Less influence: Environment, energy, health, employment and social affairs and the budget
  9. Finland: More influence: Agri-food, environment, transportation, energy, digital, budget and finance. Less influence: Foreign policy, defense, enlargement, health,  employment and social policy.  
  10. France: More influence: EU institutional and constitutional affairs as well as on agri-food related files. Less influence: Environment, transportation, energy and budget as well as trade, foreign affairs, defense and enlargement and migration and home affairs.    
  11. Germany: More influence: Regulatory topics such as agriculture, internal market or energy as well as on other strategic areas  including on foreign affairs and EU institutional and constitutional affairs. Less influence: Transportation and health policies.
  12. Greece: More influence: Environment, transportation, health  and trade
  13. Hungary: More influence: Budget, foreign affairs.     
  14. Ireland: More influence: Finance, social policy, transportation.
  15. Italy: More influence: Agri-food, energy, migration, digital, and health .  
  16. Latvia:  More influence: Transportation, digital, finance. Less influence: Migration, foreign affairs, agri-food
  17. Lithuania: More influence: Foreign affairs, agriculture, fisheries, trade. Less influence: Transportation, energy, EU institutional and constitutional reforms, migration. 
  18. Luxembourg: More influence: Foreign policy, EU institutional and constitutional affairs, health, employment and social policy, transportation, agriculture, fisheries, budget. Less influence: Migration, energy, environment, finance. 
  19. Malta: More influence: Digital matters, environment, energy, health, employment social policy, finance and EU institutions. Limited influence: Agriculture, trade and foreign affairs.
  20. Netherlands: More influence: Transportation and migration, agriculture and environment,  energy and internal market as well as  trade. Less influence: Institutional issues and foreign affairs.  
  21. Poland: More influence: Health, budget, and energy , trade. Less influence: Agri-food, environment, finance, migration.
  22. Portugal:  More influence: Internal market, finance, agriculture, fisheries,  environment, energy, foreign affairs, defense, enlargement, EU institutional and constitutional affairs. Less influence: trade. 
  23. Romania: More influence: Budgetary matters, and a strong influence on institutional matters. Also on agriculture, energy, as well as on trade ,  transportation, and migration. Less influence: Finance, foreign affairs and social policy.
  24. Slovakia:  More influence: Internal market, institutional affairs, employment and social policy, environmental policy. Limited influence: Budget, finance, agriculture, energy, transportation, health.
  25. Slovenia: More influence: Health, employment and social policy,  environmental and foreign policy topics. Limited influence: Finance, digital, internal market.
  26. Spain: More influence: EU institutional and constitutional reforms, migration and home affairs, health, agri-food and employment and social policy. Less influence: internal market and environmental policy.  
  27. Sweden: More influence: Migration, environment, agri-food sector, social policy . Less influence: EU budget, EU institutions and foreign affairs, defense and enlargement

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