Source: ECFR (European Council on Foreign Relations) 

Based on a survey of 8,000 citizens in 10 countries

Public opinion in Europe is beginning to diverge on whether or not to continue the efforts made to support Kyiv. The group of ‘pacifists’ represents 35% while the group of ‘hawks’ represents 22%. A fifth of Europeans hesitate between the two sides: They are hostile to Russia and in favor of a hard-line policy towards it, they also fear the effects of a long war. 23% of those questioned are undecided.

This divides run through most European countries and could, in the long run, impose themselves on political leaders, putting an end to the unity observed since the beginning of the conflict. The resilience of European democracies will depend on the ability of governments to maintain public support for potentially costly measures.

Already, in many countries, the fear of the consequences from a long conflict on purchasing power and energy prices is being expressed (fears shared by the Germans, the French and the Italians). The Swedes, British, Poles and Romanians are more concerned about nuclear threats from Russia.

Some Europeans seem to be expressing a form of "fatigue. Forty-two percent now feel that their country is "doing too much" towards Ukraine, to the detriment of domestic problems (as opposed to 32% who feel the opposite). In this respect, Poland and Romania are in the lead (58% and 52%). Only Portugal, the United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden do not share this opinion.

Dovish Camp

The dovish camp demands peace as soon as possible, even at the cost of Kiev making concessions to Moscow

  1. Italy: 52%
  2. Germany: 49%
  3. Romania: 42%
  4. France: 41%
  5. Sweden: 38%
  6. Spain: 35%
  7. Portugal: 31%
  8. Finland: 26%
  9. Great Britain: 22%
  10. Poland: 16%

Hawkish Camp

The hawkish camp believes that peace can only come through Russia's clear defeat

  1. Poland: 41%
  2. Finland: 25%
  3. Romania: 23%
  4. Sweden: 22%
  5. Portugal: 21%
  6. Great Britain: 21%
  7. France: 20%
  8. Germany: 19%
  9. Italy: 16%
  10. Spain: 15%


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