As European companies, namely from France, Italy, Britain and Germany are rushing to Libya to get a slice of the reconstruction pie and sign up contracts with the TNC, a new Association under the acronym EUROCHAM-LIBYA (European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Libya) is currently in the making in order to provide a strong coordinated body for Libyan Pan-European cooperation at the non-governmental level.

  • EUROCHAM-LIBYA will consider the EU and Libyan policies and practices as they evolve that affect the economic relationship between the two sides. It will consider its members' interests in trade and investments and issue public stattements on those policies and practices.
  • EUROCHAM-LIBYA will serve as an advocate before EU officials and MEPs in the EU as well as (later one) in Libya for its members' interests in open trade, investment policies and transparent, fair, and prudent regulatory practices on the two sides.
  • EUROCHAM-LIBYA will provide advice and information on EU economic relations based on the views of its members to officials of the EU.
  • EUROCHAM-LIBYA will seek to expand business ties between the EU and Libya by providing opportunities for its members to meet with (future) senior Libyan executives and discuss business and government policy matters of common interest.
  • EUROCHAM-LIBYA will seek to increase public understanding in the EU and Libya about the importance of the economic relationship between the two sides and develop support for the EUROCHAM-LIBYA's positions on economic policies through public meetings and the broad dissemination of reports and press releases.
  • EUROCHAM-LIBYA will hold conferences on business topics, technology, and government policy with EU and Libyan participants toencourage increased communication and business activity between the two sides.

AALEP will serve as host to EUROCHAM-LIBYA until such time as the Association can finance its own premises and secretariat. For further information about EUROCHAM-LIBYA, please contact AALEP Secretariat: e-mail:    

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