1. The transatlantic partnership should work to advance global common goods, providing a solid base for stronger multilateral action and institutions. It will support all like-minded partners to join.
  2. The EU and the US should pursue common interests and leverage our collective strength to deliver results on our strategic priorities.
  3. We should always look for solutions that respect our common values of fairness, openness and competition – including where there are bilateral differences.
  4. The EU and the US should ensure funding for the development and equitable global distribution of vaccines, tests and treatments - starting by joining and contributing to ACT-A and COVAX initiatives.
  5. Develop a pandemic playbook for preparedness and response and step up cooperation and data sharing between our respective agencies.
  6. Work together to facilitate trade in essential medical goods, starting by joining the Trade and Health Initiative under the WTO.
  7. Work together to reinforce the World Health Organization and design and deliver a joint reform proposal.
  8. Coordinate positions and lead efforts for ambitious global agreements at  landmark UN Summits on Climate and Biodiversity –starting with a joint commitment to net-zero by 2050.
  9. Propose a new transatlantic green trade agenda, which would include a Trade and Climate Initiative within the WTO and measures to avoid carbon leakage.
  10. Form a transatlantic green tech alliance to ensure greater cooperation on developing clean and circular technologies and creating lead markets.
  11. Jointly design a global regulatory framework for sustainable finance, learning from the experience of the EU taxonomy.
  12. Joint efforts to lead the fight against deforestation and step up ocean protection – starting with joint efforts to broker a global plastics treaty and designate Maritime Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean.
  13. The EU and the US must work closely together on solving bilateral trade irritants through negotiated solutions and lead WTO reform efforts.
  14. Establish a new EU-US Trade and Technology Council to help, facilitate trade, develop compatible standards and promote innovation.
  15. The EU and the US should open a transatlantic dialogue on the responsibility of online platforms and Big Tech - starting by working together to find global solutions for fair taxation and market distortions in the digital economy.
  16. Develop a common transatlantic approach to protecting critical technologies in light of global economic and security concerns – starting by discussions on 5G.
  17. Work on an AI Agreement and intensify cooperation to facilitate free data flow with trust.
  18. Renew cooperation on regulation and standards, starting by re-engaging on conformity assessment negotiations and aligning positions in international bodies
  19. The EU is ready to play a full part in the Summit for Democracy proposed by President-elect Biden, making joint commitments to fight the rise of authoritarianism, human rights abuses and corruption.
  20. Coordinate responses to common challenges to promote regional and global stability - starting by strengthening policies in Eastern Partnership Countries and the Mediterranean.
  21. Strengthen our joint commitment to transatlantic and international security, starting by establishing a new EU-US Security and Defence Dialogue.
  22. The EU and the US should join forces in strengthening the multilateral system on the basis of our common values.

Note: Few concrete steps have  been taken yet and the U.S. administration has ignored most of the above proposals the EU put forth shortly after Biden’s election win last year.


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