1. Afghanistan : Population: 41.7 million. People in Need: 24.4 millon. Humanitarian and displacement crisis
  2. Azerbaijan: Nagorno-Karabakh
  3. Central African Republic: Instability
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo: Population: 92.4 million, People in Need: 27 million, People internally displaced: 5.6 million Instability. Conflict and disease compound crisis
  5. East China Sea: Territorial Disputes
  6. Egypt: Instability
  7. Ethiopia: Population 117.9 million, People in Need: 25.9 million, People internally displaced: 4.2 million War and Climate
  8. India: Conflict between India and Pakistan
  9. Iran: Confrontration
  10. Iraq: Instability
  11. Israel: Israel-Palestinian Conflict
  12. Lebanon: Instability
  13. Libya: Instability
  14. Mali: Instability
  15. Mexico: Criminal violence
  16. Myanmar: Poplulation: 54.8 million, People in Need: 14.4 million. Instability and violent deadlock leaves millions in need
  17. Nigeria: Population: 211.4 million. People in Need: 8.3 million.  Conflict with Boko Haram. Growing insecurity across the country.
  18. North Korea
  19. Pakistan: Instability
  20. Somalia: Population: 16.4 million, People in Need: 7.7 million, People internally displaced: 2.9 millionConflict with Al-Shabad, Humanitarian access wrorsens as needs rise
  21. South China Sea : Territorial Disputes
  22. South Sudan: Population: 11.4 million, People in Need: 8.4 million. Civil War. Regional tensions raise risks
  23. Sudan: Population: 44.9 million, People in Need: 14.3 million, People Internally displaced: 3 million.Political tensions and regional drought and conflict
  24. Syria: Conflict. Population: 21.7 million. People in Need: 14 million. Peope Internally displaced: 6.8 million Economic crisis compounds a decade of war.
  25. Turkey: Conflict between Turkey and Armed Kurdish Groups
  26. Ukraine: 5 million have left their homes. Over 7 million have been displaced within Ukraine
  27. Venezuela : Political instability
  28. Yemen: Population: 30.5 million. People in Need: 20.7 million. War and cumulative impact of protracted conflict

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