Source: Standard Chartered Bank

Projected GDP in 2030

  1. China: $ 64.2 trillion
  2. India: $ 46.3 trillion
  3. USA: $ 31 trillion
  4. Indonesia: $ 10.1 trillion
  5. Turkey: $ 9.1 trillion
  6. Brazil: $ 8.6 trillion
  7. Egypt: $ 8.2 trillion
  8. Russia: $ 7.9 trillion
  9. Japan: $ 7.2 trillion
  10. Germany; $ 6.9 trillion
  • China is likely to become the world's biggest economy at some point in 2020, when measured by a combination of purchasing- power parity (PPP) exchange rates and nominal gross domestic product. Using PPP alone, China is already considered the world's largest economy, but on a nominal basis the U.S. remains in the lead.
  • Not only is China likely to overtake the U.S. in 2030, but by 2030 it will be joined by India with annual GDP growth set to accelerate from 6% now to almost 8% in the coming decade. India's rise would also reflect Asia's becoming the dominant economic region of the planet as the size of its output starts to match the size of its population.
  • Six of the world's 10 largest economies could be in Asia in the next decade.
  • By 2030, Asian GDP will account for roughly 35% of global GDP. This would be the equivalent combined output of the eurozone and the U.S. 
  • By 2030, 5.4 billion people will be middle-class, with Asia’s share of that group widening from 46 percent to 65 percent.


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