Source: Politico EU Influence 13/12/2019

BIOTECH LOBBY: Four of Europe’s biggest agrochemical companies — Corteva, Bayer, Syngenta and BASF — are cutting ties with EuropaBio, the lobbying group that represents them on biotechnology issues in Brussels, after nearly two decades. The move opens up the possibility that they could set up a new lobbying operation in Brussels after their contracts with EuropaBio expire at the end of next year.

DIGITAL AUTONOMY LOBBY: The European Organisation for Security (EOS) wants Europe to provide “the means and capabilities to develop its own digital autonomy and secure its cybersecurity independently from third-countries. EOS members represent almost two-thirds of the European security market, including big security and defense contractors like Thales, Airbus and others. The lobby group said that “sourcing critical cybersecurity elements and services in Europe is the only solution that guarantees compliance with European values, protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and continuity of operational capabilities.”

AIRLINES LOBBY: The airlines have been fairly united in opposing an aviation tax, calling instead for “incentives and investments for sustainability investments.” Beyond sustainability, the Commission is close to finishing up a revision of passenger rights legislation, and the airlines have strong opinions on that too. TUI, the world’s largest tourism group  has joined the Airlines for Europe (A4E).

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