Source: Amnesty International

  1. 60% of West Bank is under full Israeli control.
  2. More than 100,000 hectares of Palestinian land has been appropriated for settlement use.
  3. 50,000 homes and structures have been demolished by Israel.
  4. 600,000 + Israeli settlers live on occupied Palestinian land.
  5. Before 2005, 9,000 + Israeli settlers had lived in Gaza.
  6. 4.9 million Palestinians face daily restrictions on their movement.
  7. Zero criminal investigations into 1,000 + torture complaints.
  8. Thousands of military orders are imposed by Israel since 1967 imposing restrictive measures against Palestinians.
  9. Up to 99% of cases heard by Israeli military courts in West Bank end in convinction.
  10. Hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of settlement products are exported each year.
  11. Since 1987, more than 10,200 Palestinians have been killed, often unlawfully. In the same period, more than 1,400 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians.
  12. Average Israeli consumption of water is at least four times that of Palestinians across the Occupied Territories.
  13. 10 year of air, land and sea blockade of Gaza Strip where more than 2 million people are trapped. The United Nations believes Gaza will become unhabitable by 2020.
  14. 96% of water in Gaza is contaminated and unfit for consumption.
  15. Unemployment in the Occupied Palestinian Territories was 27% in 2016 compared to 12% in 1999.

Key violations resulting from Israel's occupation

  1. Illegal settlement construction and expansion
  2. Evictions and home demolitions
  3. Forced displacement and forcible transfer
  4. Restrictions on movement and collective punishment
  5. Expropriations of natural resources
  6. Restrictions on the right to family life and livelihood
  7. Arbitrary arrests, administrative detention and unfair trials
  8. Torture and other ill-treatment
  9. Unlawful killings
  10. Restrictions on free expression, association and assembly.


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