Legislative work in the European Parliament’s eighth term ends on 18 April 2019. In other words, 73 days will elapse until 1st July 2019 (date at which the EP’s eighth term ends) without any legislative work. Ongoing negotiations with Member States on legislative proposals have already been suspended. If no agreement was reached Parliament as a whole can vote on its position and close first readings for the next Parliament to continue the work.

Major legislative decisions during the Parliament's 8th term

Almost 1000 legislative proposals by the Juncker Commission have been discussed, improved and concluded successfully after negotiations with the Council since the 2014 elections.

  • Flight security: Parliament backs use of Passenger Name Records (PNR)
  • MEPs clamp down on wasteful use of plastic carrier bags
  • Opening up the online payments market, so as to reduce fees and fraud risks
  • MEPs’ green light for Paris climate agreement to trigger its entry into force
  • MEPs put an end to opaque card payment fees
  • End of roaming: final hurdle cleared
  • WiFi4EU: New EU scheme for free internet access
  • Data protection reform - Parliament approves new rules fit for the digital era
  • Online shopping: “geo-blocking” to end in December 2018
  • Corporate governance: MEPs vote to enforce tax transparency
  • Japan: MEPs back EU-Japan free trade agreement
  • Audiovisual media directive update
  • Copyright reform
  • Work-life balance for parents and carers
  • CO2 emissions of cars
  • Single-use plastics reduction
  • Energy efficiency

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