1. Proposal on a European 'Climate Law' enshrining the 2050 neutrality objective. Indicative Timetable: March 2020
  2. Comprehensive plan to increase the EU 2030 climate target to at least 50% and towards 55% in a responsible way. Indicative Timetable: Summer 2020.
  3. Proposals for revisions of relevant legislative measures to deliver on the increased climate ambition, following the review of Emissions Trading System Directive; Effort Sharing Regulations; Land use, land use change and forestry Regulation; Energy Efficiency Directive; Renewable Energy Directive; CO2 emissions performance standards for cars and vans. Indicative Timetable: June 2021
  4. Proposal for a revision of the Energy Taxation Directive. Indicative Timetable: June 2021
  5. Proposal for a carbon border adjustment mechanism for selected sectors. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  6. New EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change. Indicative Timetable: 2020/2021
  7. Assessment of the final National Energy and Climate Plans. Indicative Timetable: June 2020
  8. Strategy for smart sector integration. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  9. 'Renovation wave' initiative for the building sector. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  10. Evaluation and review of the Trans-European Network- Energy Regulation. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  11. Strategy on offshore wind. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  12. EU Industrial strategy: Indicative Timetable: March 2020
  13. Circular Economy Action Plan, including sustainable products initiative and particular focus on resource intense sectors such as textiles, construction, electronics and plastics. Indicative Timetable: March 2020
  14. Initiatives to stimulate lead markets for climate neutral and circular products in energy inyensive industrial sectors. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  15. Proposal to support zero carbon steel-making processes by 2030. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  16. Legislation on batteries in support of the Strategic Action Plan on Batteries and the circular economy. Indicative Timetable: October 2020
  17. Propose legislative waste reforms. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  18. Strategy for sustainable and smart mobility. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  19. Funding call to support the deployment of public recharging and refuelling points as part of alternative fuel infrastructure. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  20. Assessment of legislative options to boost the production and supply of sustainable alternative fuels for the different transport modes. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  21. Revised proposal for a Directive on Combined Transport. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  22. Review of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive and the Trans European Network- Transport Regulation. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  23. Initiatives to increase and better manage the capacity of railways and inland waterways. Indicative Timetable: From 2021
  24. Proposal for more stringent air pollutant emissions standards for combustion-engine vehicles. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  25. Examination of the draft national strategic plans, with reference to the ambitions of the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy. Indicative Timetable: 2020-2021
  26. 'Farm to Fork' Strategy. Indicative Timetable: Spring 2020
  27. Measures including legislative, to significantly reduce the use and risk of chemical pesticides, a s well as the use of fertilizers and antibiotics. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  28. EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. Indicative Timetable: March 2020
  29. Measures to address the main drivers of biodiversity loss: Indicative Timetable: From 2021
  30. New Forest Strategy. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  31. Measures to support deforetation-free value chains. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  32. Chemicals strategy for sustainability. Indicative Timetable: Summer 2020
  33. Zero pollution action plan for water, air and soil. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  34. Revision of measures to address pollution from large industrial installations. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  35. Proposal for a Just Transition Mechanism, including a Just Transition Fund, and a Sustainable Europe Investment Plan. Indicative Timetable: January 2020
  36. Renewed sustainable finance strategy. Indicative Timetable: Autumn 2020
  37. Review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive. Indicative Timetable: 2020
  38. Initiatives to screen and benchmark green budgeting practices of the Member States and of the EU. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  39. Review of the relevant State aid guidelines, including the environment and energy State aid guidelines. Indicative Timetable: 2021
  40. Align all new Commission initiatives in line with the objectives of the Green Deal and promote innovation. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  41. Stakeholders to identify and remedy incoherent legislation that reduces the effectivness in delivering the European Green Deal. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  42. Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals in the European Semester. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  43. EU to continue to lead the international and biodiversity negotiations, further strengthening the international policy framework. Indicative Timetable: From 2019
  44. Strengthen the EU's Green Deal Diplomacy in cooperation with Member States. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  45. Bilateral efforts to induce partners to act and ensure comparability of action and policies. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  46. Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. Indicative Timetable: From 2020
  47. Launch of the European Climate Pact. Indicative Timetable: March 2020
  48. Proposal for an 8th Environmental Action Programme. Indicative Timetable: 2020

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