Source : Transparency International

Fourteen of the top 20 countries on the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) are from Western Europe and the European Union (EU). Western Europe and the EU are doing far better than other parts of the globe. However, for a region that prides itself on some of the most robust integrity systems in the world, the patchwork of partially overlapping national and EU-level integrity systems presents its own problems and still has a long way to go to tackle corruption effectively. While legal frameworks and democratic institutions are sound in many Western European and EU countries, there is still significant room for improvement across the region. While there is an EU legislative proposal to improve protections for whistleblowers, there is a question mark over whether it will be agreed by Member States and ever reach the statute books.

Out of 180 countries

  1. Denmark: Rank 1
  2. Finland, Sweden, Switzerland: Rank 3
  3. Norway: Rank 7
  4. Netherlands: Rank 8
  5. Luxembourg: Rank 9
  6. Germany, United Kingdom: Rank 11
  7. Austria, Ireland: Rank 14
  8. Belgium: Rank 17
  9. Estonia, Ireland: Rank 18
  10. France: Rank 21
  11. Portugal: Rank 30
  12. Poland, Slovenia: Rank 36
  13. Cyprus, Czech Republic: Rank 38
  14. Latvia, Spain, Rank 41
  15. Malta: Rank 51
  16. Italy: Rank 53
  17. Slovakia: Rank 57
  18. Croatia: Rank 60
  19. Romania: Rank 61
  20. Hungary: Rank 64
  21. Greece: Rank 67
  22. Bulgaria: Rank 77

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