AGE Platform Europe is a European network of non-profit organisations of and for people aged 50+, which aims to voice and promote the interests of the 200 million citizens aged 50+ in the European Union (Eurostat, 2018) and to raise awareness on the issues that concern them most. 

The work of AGE Platform Europe focuses on a wide range of policy areas that impact on older and retired people. These include issues of anti-discrimination, employment of older workers and active ageing, social protection, pension reforms, social inclusion, health, elder abuse, intergenerational solidarity, research, accessibility of public transport and of the build environment, and new technologies (ICT).

AGE Platform Europe seeks to give a voice to older and retired people in the EU policy debates, through the active participation of their representative organisations at EU, national, regional and local levels, and provides a European platform for the exchange of experience and best practices. AGE Platform Europe furthermore inform older people on their rights as EU citizen or resident and on EU policy making processes and recent EU policy development.

Through involvement in several EU projects, AGE Platform Europe  also seeks to promote older people's participation in the development of projects and devices intended for them ('user involvement').


AGE Platform Europe was set up in January 2001 following a process of discussion on how to improve and strengthen cooperation between older people's organizations at EU level. Membership is open to European, national and regional organizations, and to both organizations of older people and organizations for older people. Organizations of older people have the majority of votes in our decision-making bodies. Membership is open only to non-profit-making organizations. AGE Platform Europe is financed by grants of the European Union, membership fees and donations.


AGE Platform Europe’s vision is that of an inclusive society for all ages, based on solidarity and cooperation between generations, where everyone is empowered to participate fully and enjoy life in full respect of their rights while fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

AGE Platform Europe’s mission is to voice and promote the interests of people aged 50 and over in the European Union and to raise awareness of the issues that concern them most. Through its members, its network represents more than 40 million senior citizens across the EU. AGE network seeks to promote older people’s rights at EU and international levels, to combat ageism and support a dignified, active and socially included old age for all. It also supports the participation of its member organizations in relevant EU, United Nations and Council of Europe work and projects, networking and related actions at national level

Guiding Principles

Demographic change as an opportunity

AGE Platform Europe sees the current demographic change as an opportunity to create an age-friendly society across Europe where all citizens, whatever their age, can enjoy equal rights and opportunities and are empowered to contribute to the wellbeing of their communities. A large majority of older people live independently, but with demographic ageing a growing minority is expected to need care, creating opportunities for employment and innovation.

A comprehensive approach to ageing

Demographic ageing, fast technological changes and rapid digitalisation, and other social developments are changing our societies in fundamental ways. AGE Platform Europe believes that a comprehensive assessment and a reworking of the economic and social policy framework are needed to make the European social model sustainable and fair for all generations. This requires the adoption of a multidimensional and integrated approach to ageing and the involvement of all relevant actors including older people themselves in the design of solutions that are appropriate and beneficial for all.

Older women and men as self-advocates

AGE Platform Europe believes that older women and men should be able to speak out on their own behalf, in order to better protect their interests and express their very diverse needs. AGE Platform Europe  therefore places great importance on older people’s leadership and active involvement in all AGE activities and policy work.


Austria (1)

  • Pensionisten Verband

Belgium (12)

  • CD&V -senioren
  • Courants d’Ages asbl- Réseau de l’Intergénération
  • Enéo (ex UCP)
  • European Senior Citizens Union (ESU)
  • European Senior Organisation (ESO)
  • Fedeatie Onafhankelijke Senioren (FedOs)
  • Les Aînés du cdH
  • OKRA, trefpunt 55+
  • Respect Seniors
  • S-Plus vzw
  • Seniors of the European Public Service (SFPE)
  • Vlaamse Ouderenraad vzw

Bulgaria (2)

  • Bulgarian Red Cross
  • Charity Association Donka Paprikova

Croatia (3)

  • Foundation Zajedlicki put
  • The Association of Social Workers Zadar
  • The National Pensioners’ Convention of HR (NPCC)

Cyprus (2)

  • PA.SY.D.Y Pensioners Union
  • Pancyprian Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly (POSEI)

Czech Republic (3)

  • European Ageing Network
  • The European Federation of Older People (EURAG)
  • ZIVOT 90

Danemark (1)

  • DaneAge-Aeldresagen

Estonia (1)

  • Estonian Association of Pensioners’ Societies

Finland (1)

  • The Association of Swedish-Speaking Pensioners in Finland

France (15)

  • Action de Coordination de Lieux et d’Accueil aux Personnes Agées (ACLAP)
  • ALIM 50+
  • Association des Retraités d’Air France
  • Confédération Française des Retraités
  • Fédération Internationale des Associations de Personnes Agées (FIAPA)
  • Fédération Nationale des Associations de Retraités
  • Générations Mouvemenr) Fédération nationale
  • Information Défense Action Retraite (IDAR)
  • Les petits frères des Pauvres
  • Old Up
  • Union des Anciens du Groupe BP
  • Union Fédérale des Retraités des Banques
  • Union Française des Retraités
  • Union Nationale des Retraités (UNAR-CFTC)
  • Union Nationale Interprofessionelle des Retraités U.N.I.R. CFE/CGC

Germany (3)

  • Bundesarbeitsgemeinshaft der Senioren-Organisationen (BAGSO)
  • Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe, Wilhelmine-Lübke-Stiftung e.V.
  • Sozialverband VdK Deutschland E.V.

Greece (1)

  • 50 Plus Hellas

Hungary (1)

  • Gerontology Science Coordination Center

Ireland (3)

  • Active Retirement Ireland
  • Age & Opportunity
  • Senior Help Line

Italy (17)

  • 50 & piu
  • Anpecomit-Associazione Nazionale fra Pensionati ed Esodati della Banca Commerciale Italiana
  • Anziani e non solo soc.Coop
  • Associazione Lavoro Over 40
  • Associazione Nazionale Anziani e Pensionati (ANAP)
  • Associazione Nazionale Centri Sociali, Comitati Anziani e Orti (ANCESCAO)
  • Associazione Nazionale Pensionati Agricoltori-ANPA Confagricoltura
  • Associazione Nazionale Pensionati CIA
  • ATDAL Over 40
  • CNA Pensionati
  • Federazione Nazionale Sindicale delle Associazioni dei Pensionati del credito (FAP Credito)
  • Federpensionati Coldiretti
  • Over 50 Della Confeuro
  • S.a.pens. Sindicato Autonomo Pensionati
  • SOLIMAI-societa cooperativa sociale a.r.l.
  • UNITRE University of Third Age


  • None

Lithuania (1)

  • Lithuanian Pensioners Union, “Bocial”


  • None

Malta (3)

  • Grand Parents Malta
  • National Association of Pensioners
  • National Council for the Elderly

Netherlands (5)

  • Nationaal Ouderenfonds
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Organisaties van Gepensioneerden (NVOG)
  • Older Women’s Network-Europe
  • Oudere Vrouwen Netwerk-Nederland

Poland (1)

  • Fundacja na Rzecz Kobiet JA KOBIETA (Foundation for Women’s Issues)

Portugal (2)

  • Associaçao de Aposentados Pensionistas e Reformados
  • CASO50+

Romania (2)

  • National Federation “SOLIDARITY” of Pensioners of Romania
  • National Federation Omenia/Federatia Nationale Omenia

Slovakia (1)

  • Forum Pre Pomoc Starsim (Forum for Help to Age, National Network)

Slovenia (3)

  • Affirmative Seniors
  • Mestna zveza upokojencev Ljubljana
  • Zveza Drustev upokojencev Slovenije (ZDUS)

Spain (8)

  • Asociacion de Profesores Universitarios Jubilados (ASPUR)
  • Catalonian Federation of Elder Associations (FATEC)
  • Confederacion Espanola De Organizaciones De Mayores (CEOMA)
  • Federacion Territorial de Asociaciones provinciales de pensionistas y jubilados de alava Guipuzcoa y Vizcaya (Federpen)
  • FOCAGG Fed d’Organitzacions Catalanes de Gent Gran, Dones i Familia
  • Groupement Européen des Retraités des Caisses d’Epargne, Banques et Institutions Similaires
  • Spanish Red Cross
  • Union Democratica de Pensionistas (UDP)

Sweden (2)

  • Nordic Older People’s Organisation (NOPO)
  • SPF Seniorerna

United Kingdom (11)

  • Age UK
  • British Society of Gerontology
  • Civil Service Pensioners Alliance
  • Homeshare International
  • International Longevity Centre GB (ILC-GB)
  • National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO)
  • National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers (RTM)
  • Older Women’s Network-Europe
  • Public Service Pensioner’s Council (PSPC)
  • The National Federation of Occupational Pensioners
  • Wise Age Ltd

Non-EU Countries

Japan (1)

  • Japan Productive Ageing Research Centre

Switzerland (1)

  • Age Stiftung

Turkey (1)

  • TÜRKIYE EMEKLILER DERNEGI (TR Retired Persons Organisation) TIED

United States (1)

  • AARP (Global Ageing Programme)

EU Actions Required

  • Combat age discrimination and ageism (Explaining to voters, especially older voters, what they can expect from the European Union and the European elections, and how the European Parliament can influence older people's lives. A concrete measure for this would be to make the fight against age discrimination and other grounds of discrimination more visible in EU internal and external action)
  • Foster older workers’ access to the labour market
  • Allow older persons to combine work and pensions
  • Promote access to quality health and long-term care.
  • Gender equality (large pension gap between women and men remaining and some pension reforms going against the idea of gender equality, such as the reintroduction of different pension ages for women and men.
  • Survivor’s pensions (to safeguard many older women from old-age poverty.

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