Nearly 13 million Syrians are displaced a total that amounts to about six-in-ten of Syria’s pre-conflict population:

  1. Syria: 6,300,000 (internally displaced)
  2. Turkey: 3,500,000 (Ninety percent of Syrian refugees in Turkey live outside of camps and have limited access to basic services)
  3. Lebanon: 1,000,000 (Syrian refugees make up about one-fifth of Lebanon’s population. Many live in primitive conditions in informal tent settlements, which are not official refugee camps. With few legal income opportunities, they struggle to afford residency fees, rent, utilities, and food.
  4. Jordan: 660,000 (Some 133,000 live in refugee camps, including Za'atari and Azraq where aid groups have converted desert wastes into cities.
  5. Germany: 530,000
  6. Iraq: 250,000 (Syrian refugees in Iraq are concentrated in the Kurdistan region in the north where more than a million Iraqis feld to escape ISIL. Most refugees are integrated into communities but a large number of newcomers puts a strain on services)
  7. Egypt: 130,000
  8. Sweden: 110,000
  9. Canada: 54,000
  10. Austria: 50,000
  11. USA: 33,000


  1. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq account for about four-in-ten Syrians displaced around the world (41%)
  2. More than 150,000 Syrians also live in North African countries like Egypt and Libya.
  3. About 1 million displaced Syrians have moved to Europe as asylum seekers or refugees since the conflict began. More than 500,000 Syrians moved to Germany and applied for asylum between 2011 and 2017, making it the fifth-largest displaced Syrian population in the world. Smaller numbers of Syrian asylum seekers moved to Sweden (more than 110,000) and Austria (nearly 50,000). Nearly all Syrian applicants who applied for asylum in Europe in 2015 and 2016 either were approved to stay or were waiting for a decision.
  4. In addition to asylum seekers, an estimated 24,000 Syrians formally resettled as refugees in Europe between 2011 and 2016. The applications of these refugees are processed and approved before they travel to their destination country. (Asylum seekers, by contrast, first move to Europe and then have their applications processed once in their destination country.)
  5. About 100,000 displaced Syrians live outside Europe, Africa and the Middle East, primarily in North America. These refugees represent less than 1% of displaced Syrians worldwide. Since the start of the conflict, an estimated 52,000 Syrian refugees have resettled in Canada and another 21,000 have resettled in the United States. In addition, several thousand Syrians have been granted asylum in the U.S. and Canada since 2012.)

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