“President Trump is a disgrace to our nation. His values and ethics are poor. His skills as a leader are poor. His orator skills are poor. His ability to unify and act as a leader for our nation is nonexistent. Trump supporters are becoming increasingly emboldened by this questionably unstable president.”

“Donald trump is an incompetent, idiotic, and corrupt leader, who does nothing but fulfill his own needs in the presidency. He’s done such a terrible job in his 4 years of office, that I don’t think we’ve had a worse modern president. He’s done a terrible job handling the virus. He doesn’t care about America, he is not a true American, and anyone who supports him should feel shame for letting a man so corrupt have a single chance at winning another 4 more years, as he’s a man who knows nothing, knows no god, knows no politics, knows no public speaking skills.”

“Trump has enacted a great many laws and policies that give help to the rich and continue to take from the poor. He has brought hell on those who speak their mind, as is their right, because he didn’t like what they had to say about him. He has even gone so far as to construct and nearly implement ways to get his political rivals jailed. But all that pales in comparison to what he is doing today with his handling of COVID-19. He has outright failed the country in his ability to prevent, contain, or even somewhat control the spread of the Corona Virus, and now he is refusing to work with local or foreign authorities to find a way to stop it, all because he is afraid of being outvoted. He claims that the massive numbers of Americans who have come down with the virus are due to his organization testing so very much, which, as any medical professional could tell you, is not how that works in the slightest. He continues to deny the damage and the lives that are being lost as we speak because of his failures to provide even the most basic modicum of a sound strategy during this crisis. I’ve never feared that our country would fall apart due to corruption and incompetent leadership, but seeing how this has all played out, I can assuredly say that I am afraid. Terrified, more like it, because I cannot see a world where his transgressions are allowed to continue unimpeded come out on the other side undamaged. A world where he has free reign to continue to destroy the lives of Americans while the rest of his followers look on in amazement and scream “This is right!”. This must change and his actions must be accounted for.”

“Four more years of Trump and America will not be America. Both Trump and the United States are the laughing stock of the world and now the US is to be pitied because it cannot, and could not respond to a crisis that could have easily resulted in far fewer deaths. Trump’s level of incompetence, lying, cheating, mismanagement and dereliction of duty is catastrophic. No human being has ever been so stupid and self serving.  America was great once………..but not anymore and never will be again, unless Trump is out of the White House. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe how bad this man is, including those who do his bidding.


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