1. No mention of geopolitics, or major international issues like climate change. China was not noted at all. Nor was India, nor Iran nor even Europe.
  2. …we are  working to reform the international trading system so that it promotes broadly-shared prosperity and rewards those who play by the rules. We cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others. We support free trade, but it needs to be FAIR and RECIPROCAL. Because in the end, unfair trade undermines us all.
  3. The United States will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices, including massive intellectual property theft, industrial subsidies, and pervasive state-led economic planning. These and other predatory behaviors are distorting global markets and harming businesses and workers—not just in the United States, but around the globe. Just like we expect the leaders of other countries to protect their interests, I will always protect the interests of our country, our companies, and our workers. We will enforce our trade laws and restore integrity to the trading system. Only by insisting on FAIR and RECIPROCAL trade can we create a system that works not just for the United States but for all nations.
  4. The United States is prepared to negotiate mutually beneficial bilateral trade agreements with all countries. This includes the countries in TPP 11, which are very important. We have agreements with several of them already. We would consider negotiating with the rest, either individually, or perhaps as a group, if it is in all of our interests.
  5. We are all stronger when free and sovereign Nations cooperate toward shared goals—and shared dreams.


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