The new Strategic Agenda, negotiated by Member States, the Council and the outgoing Commission, will act as a basis for the work agenda of the next Commission. This year it may be supplemented by a platform presented by the 4 main political groups in the European Parliament united in coalition - the European People's Party (EPP), the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), Renew Europe (RE) and the Greens/EFA.

The Agenda  was adopted on 20th June 2019

1.Security and Freedoms

Protection of Citizens and Freedoms

Context: Just out of a migration crisis without precedent, with major political consequences in an environment of diverse threats.

Objective: To stabilize the Schengen area and implement a long term policy.

Action to take

  • Ensure “effective control” of external borders in order to “know and be the ones who decide who enters the EU”.
  • Deepen cooperation with countries of origin and transit in order to combat the deep causes of migration and develop a joint approach in terms of asylum and returns.
  • Combat cross border terrorism and criminality.
  • Ensure the correct functioning of the Schengen area by means of ‘a balance of responsibility and solidarity of all Member States.
  • Protect the European democratic system and social model from cyberattacks, hybrid threats and disinformation.
  • Guarantee the respect and protection of EU values and the Rule of Law at national and European levels.

2. Economy and Social

Developing a strong and vibrant economy base.

Context: “Technological, security and sustainability challenges are reshaping the global landscape”.

Objective: To main a “solid economy base by accelerating the convergence of economies”

Action to take

  • Complete the single market in all its aspects.
  • Continue work on the digital revolution and artificial intelligence: infrastructures, connectivity, services, data, regulations, innovation and investments.
  • Develop a more ambitious and coordinated industrial policy in order to meet the challenges posed by energy transition, the digital revolution and international competition.
  • Increase investment in skills and education. Support public and private investment.
  • Reinforce the international role of the euro.
  • “Fight unfair practices, extraterritorial measures and security risks from third countries.

3. Energy and the Environment

Building a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe

Context: Climate change with effects that are “more visible and pervasive”.

Objective: To transform societies in depth in order to achieve climate neutrality, in an inclusive way.

Action to take

  • Become a “global leader in a green economy” with significant mobilization “of public and private investment
  • Set up an integrated and interconnected European energy market.
  • Continue with transition towards renewable energies.
  • Improve the quality of the environment in urban and rural areas, and preserve biodiversity.
  • Combat inequalities and sure equality of the sexes.
  • Set-up adequate social protection, preserve citizens” life style, a high level of protection for consumers, good access to healthcare and significant investment in culture.

4. The Union and the world

Promoting Europe’s interests and values in the world.

Context: Rapid change in the strategic and geopolitical environment at world level.

Objective: To defend multiculturalism whilst promoting the Union’s autonomy of action on the international stage.

Actions to take

  • Support reform of the WTO.
  • Stand out as a leader in the combat against climate change and the promotion of sustainable development.
  • Actively support stabilization and reforms in the Union’s neighborhood.
  • Set-up a comprehensive partnership with Africa.
  • Increase efficiency in decision-taking and present a united front in negotiations.
  • “Develop an ambitious and robust commercial policy”
  • Make the Common Foreign Security Policy (CFSP) and the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) more reactive and active and link them better to other areas of foreign policy.
  • Take greater responsibility of its own security and defense by enhancing defense investment, capability development and operational readiness.


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