Mr. Bart Vandewaetere, Head of Corporate Communications and Government Relations, Nestlé Europe, Middle East & North Africa.

Memberships in organizations that focus on EU policies and European institutions


  1. AIM- European Brands Association
  2. Caobisco- Association of chocolate, biscuit and confectionery industries of the European Union
  3. Ceereal- European Cereal Breakfast Association
  4. CIUS- Committee of Industrial Users of Sugar
  5. Culinaria Europe
  6. ECF- European Coffee Federation
  7. EDA- European Dairy Association
  8. EFBW- European Federation of Bottled Water
  9. Eucolait- European Association of Dairy Trade
  10. Euroglaces- European Ice Cream Association
  11. EUROPEN- European Organization for Packaging and the Environment
  12. MNI- Medical Nutrition International
  13. SNE- Specialised Nutrition Europe
  14. Fediaf- European Pet Food Industry
  15. FoodDrinkEurope
  16. UNESDA- Union of European Beverages Associations
  17. WFA- World Federation of Advertisers

Think tanks, platforms

  1. ERT- European Roundtable of Industrialists
  2. RAC- Responsible Advertising and Children
  3. SAI Platform- Sustainable Agriculture Initiative


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