Source: Council on Foreign Relations

  1. Biden promises a return to the 2015 Paris climate agreement and a diplomatic push to make its targets more ambitious.
  2. Biden also wants to use trade policy as a climate tool by putting tariffs on high-carbon products from other countries.
  3. Biden would bar U.S. foreign aid and financing for coal-fired power plants overseas.
  4. Biden would provide debt relief for countries implementing green policies.
  5. Biden would expand Group of Twenty efforts to reduce fossil fuel subsidies worldwide.
  6. Biden is a strong proponent of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), calling it "the single most important military alliance in the history of the world."
  7. Biden emphassizes that the United States cannot deal with the new challenges it faces without close relationships with its allies and the cooperation with international institutions.
  8. Biden wans to convene all democratic nations in a "Summit for Democracy" to discuss three major areas: fighting corrumption, defending against rising authoritarianism, and advancing human rights.
  9. Biden says he will make diplomacy the premier tool of U.S. foreign policy and will "rebuild" the State Department.
  10. Biden promises to recommit to alliances and reenter agreements.
  11. Biden will U.S. support for NATO, rejoin the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord.
  12. Biden will strengthen alliances with Australia, Israel, Japan, and South Korea.
  13. Biden warns about the rising tide of populism and nationalism around the world, and argues that if the United States withdraws from global leadership "authoritarian powers will rush in"
  14. Biden says that the United States' greatest foreign policy accomplishment has been the "investment in collective security and prosperity" made in partnership with U.S. allies.
  15. Biden calls Iran a "destabilizing" force in the Middle Esat and says it must never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Biden pledges to rejoin the nuclear agreement if Iran returns to compliance.
  16. Biden has been a longtime supporter of trade liberalization arguing that Washington should take the lead on creating global trade rules and lowering barriers to commerce worldwide.
  17. Biden says that the United States must "write the rules of the road for the world" to create a level playing field for workers and to protect the environment.
  18. Biden says he wouldn't sign any new trade deal that doesn't include "major investments" in jobs and infrastructure, or that doesn't include labor and environmental advocates in negotiations.
  19. Biden argues for "aggressive" retaliation against countries that break international trade rules by subsidizing their companies and stealing U.S. intellectual property.
  20. Biden also says existing trade laws must be better enforced, and argues that the United States must use its economic leverage to negotiate better deals.

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