1. Number of years experience in public policy advocacy.
  2. Employment history including job title and responsibilities from the time work started in public policy advocacy.
  3. Statement of previous and/or current activities that illustrate  background and ability as a Public Policy Advocate.
  4. Primary field of expertise.
  5. Public policy advocacy assignments performed in the last 3 years and how many of these were specifically billed as public policy advocacy services?
  6. Charging clients for public policy advocacy services (Hourly/per diem; Minimum/maximum Fee; Other).
  7. Percentage of  time in the last 3 years spent doing public policy advocacy work.
  8. Percentage of earned income over the last 3 years attributable to public policy advocacy work.
  9. Representing oneself as doing public policy work.
  10. Operating as an individual, a partnership, a corporation, an employee.
  11. Responsibilities within company.
  12. Form by which advice is provided to clients (Written narrative; Letter with file documentation; Oral with file documentation; Oral with no file documentation/
  13. Individual signing of public policy advocacy reports or others co-sign and if so, under what circumstances (i.e. company policy, shared responsibility etc.)
  14. Change of public policy advocacy work over the last several years.
  15. Type and quantity of public policy advocacy assignments anticipated in the future and why?
  16. Public policy work undertaken geographically. Any foreign work? Where?
  17. Definition of public policy advocacy consulting.
  18. Distinguish between public policy advocacy consulting and other business services provided.
  19. Description of three different types of public policy advocacy assignments considered significant.

Skills and Abilities

  • Evidence of strong leadership, political and organizational skills and the proven ability to successfully execute public policy, political, and advocacy objectives.
  • Proven ability to manage a highly successful team of lobbyists, researchers, and public policy advocates.
  • Ability to interact at the highest level of professionalism with all grassroots advocates, consultants, corporate and board contacts, legislatures, government elected officials and staff, and the general public.
  • Proven ability to speak and write persuasively and with clarity, evidenced by experience in communicating advocacy positions, drafting issue papers, and preparing and presenting public statements and testimony.
  • Outstanding ability to build relationships and use influence effectively in a variety of settings, both within the organization and with external constituencies, including public officials, trade associations, and other relevant parties.
  • A skilled diplomat who has a strong, positive executive presence.
  • Skilled at advocacy, influence, and persuasion: able to convince others to act on information or recommendations based on compelling logic or common best interests.
  • Experience collaborating cross-functionally to ensure execution of mission goals.
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.
  • Deep knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes.
  • Track record of being able to work under quick deadlines and under changing circumstances.
  • Ability to manage budget and external resources.
  • Proven track record of building coalitions with associations and other policy organizations, companies, and other stakeholders.
  • Ability to handle multiple complex projects and issues on the legislative, procurement, legal, regulatory, and compliance fronts.

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