President Trump has never before been so isolated and ignored, even mocked abroad. After years of snubs and American unilateralism, European allies have stopped looking to the president for leadership, and are turning their backs on him. They no longer trust that this president will offer them much.

Mr. Trump continues to believe allies can be abused and mistreated and that he can order them around and at the same time count on them. He doesn’t understand that while the U.S. is powerful, it doesn’t always call the shots.

As so often in the past, on issues like unilateral American withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal or the Paris climate accord or the Open Skies treaty or the sudden ban on air travel from Europe, Mr. Trump ignored the views of allies or did not consult them at all. The W.H.O. decision was a surprise to allies

European nations are really fed up with the egoism reflected by “America First”, unilateralism in ditching international cooperation, protectionism that is against free trade, unpredictable pragmatism, and arrogant bullying. Trump has disrupted the world order and international norms, making European nations suffer and feel humiliated. Europe has been angry with some of the practices of the United States.

The trans-Atlantic alliance is defined by interests. When the leader of the alliance no longer cares about the interests of its members, or does things to harm them, it’s natural that discord would result, and its very existence may be called into question. EU institutions and leaders of the member states hope that Joe Biden will be elected in November ... he is in favor of multilateralism and the expectation is that he will strengthen the ties between the USA and Europe. However, a potential Biden victory would provide no quick fix for the transatlantic partnership. The question is not really if the relationship can be returned to where it was, but if Europe can persuade the US to re-join the Western order.


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