The EU estimates the U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum will cost the bloc around € 2.8 billion and its countermeasures from July 2018 aim to penalize imports from the United States to the same value, while also generating political pressure on Trump at home from industries whose export will be hit.

  1. Steel: Dozens of steel products are targeted, including bars and rods, rolled steel, stainless steel, wire, tubes, chain, pipes and scaffolding, as well as kitchen appliances, ovens, ladders and washbasins.
  2. Clothing and fabrics: Clothing includes 'trousers and breeches of cotton denim (jeans) along with bedlinen and men's leather footwear. Swimwear and underwear are excluded.
  3. Cosmetics: Eye make-up and lipstick are listed, as together they account for more than € 280 million worth of EU imports from the U.S. in 2017.
  4. Transport: Motorbikes and mopeds with reciproacting internal combustion piston engines of 500 cc capacity and above includes Harley-Davidson models. Boats, yachts, canoes and rowing boats are also on the list.
  5. Food and Drink: Maize, rice, cranberries, cranberry juice, orange juice, sweetcorn and peanut butter are among the food products targeted. This list also covers bourbon whiskey- the EU imported some € 415 million worth from the U.S. in 2017 along with another € 150 million worth of whiskey without the 'bourbon' designation.
  6. Other items: Cigarettes, cigars, cheroots (a type of thin cigar) and other types of tobacco.

Targeted Products (Not Final List)

  1. Bars and rods
  2. Bedlinen
  3. Boats
  4. Bourbon Whiskey
  5. Canoes
  6. Chain
  7. Cheroots 
  8. Cigarettes
  9. Cigars
  10. Cranberries
  11. Cranberry juice
  12. Eye make-up
  13. Kitchen appliances
  14. Ladders
  15. Lipstick
  16. Maize
  17. Men's leather footwear
  18. Motorbikes and mopeds with reciprocating internal combustion piston engines of 500 cc capacity and above including most Harkey-Davidson models
  19. Orange juice
  20. Ovens
  21. Peanut butter
  22. Pipes
  23. Rice
  24. Rolled steel
  25. Rowing boats
  26. Scaffolding
  27. Stainless steel
  28. Sweetcorn
  29. Trousers and breeches of cotton denim (jeans)
  30. Tubes
  31. Washbasins
  32. Wire
  33. Whiskey
  34. Yachts 

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