Mr. James Waterworth, Director, EU Public Policy

Memberships in organizations that focus on EU policies and European institutions

Trade Associations

  1. EDIMA- European Digital Media Association
  2. EUROPISPA- European Internet Services Providers Association
  3. EIF- European Internet Foundation
  4. Bruegel
  5. Digital Europe
  6. CCIA- Computer and Communications Industry Association
  7. EPIF- European Payment Institutions Federation
  8. Ecommerce Europe
  9. Eurocommerce
  10. European Policy Centre
  11. CERRE- Centre on Regulation in Europe
  12. AmCham EU- American Chamber of Commerce to the EU
  13. Friends of SMEs
  14. Bitkom
  15. CIPL- Centre for Information Policy Leadership
  16. CISPE- EU Cloud Infrastructure Provider Association
  17. Drone Alliance Europe
  18. Euroista- European Institute for Sustainable Transport
  19. Future of Privacy Forum
  20. ITI- Information Technology Industry
  21. Recharge
  22. Roundtable for Europe’s Energy Future
  23. Solar Power Europe
  24. CBDF- Cross Border Data Forum
  25. GAIA-X

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