An American President holds great authority and assumes incredible responsibility that expands even beyond the United States, Trump’s comments about so-called 'shithole countries' were entirely inappropriate. Language like that shouldn’t be heard in the White House. On the International Stage, each country, despite their true beliefs and opinions, must maintain some form of reputable criticism. Rather than call these countries “shitholes”, Trump could have simply developed a more sophisticated, well-explained argument rather than take an entirely un-expected, out-of-place insult that embarrasses US reputation to the entire world. In debate, one of the first things you learn is NEVER to insult the person, rather the idea (in this case, the “person” are the countries”).

This is also outright demoralizing to the countries he’s insulted; no one is ignorant to the fact that these countries are economically desolate and on the brink of collapse, but the key thing that maintains the enthusiasm in fixing these countries is confidence and support. Upon hearing that the president of the most powerful country—economically and militarily—has scoffed at your country in an insulting manner, it is very much disheartening and even perhaps detrimental to the country’s progress. International leaders should NEVER resort to playground insults. Period.

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